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This blog is written and managed by Adam Pennington, a Tudor history enthusiast, both based in and from The United Kingdom's fine capital, London.

I have long had a passion for all things Tudor. I suppose my interest was first peaked at a young age by my Mother who insisted that my sister and I had a thorough understanding of British history. She considers it frankly absurd that any self-respecting Brit couldn't name you the Six wives of Henry VIII, and I must admit I agree! 


I grew up in the leafy London suburbs, directly opposite Nonsuch Park, home of one of Tudor England's greatest and sadly now lost treasures - Nonsuch Palace. Growing up where I did was something of a blessing for a Tudor enthusiast. History was always around me, from the aforementioned Nonsuch Park, to Hampton Court Palace just ten minutes down the road, Windsor Castle 30 minutes away and central London with it's plethora of Tudor history only 20 minutes on the train.

At the heart of my Tudor passion sits Anne Boleyn. I am an unapologetic Anne Boleyn obsessive, so expect to see plenty of content on Henry VIII's most iconic of Queens.

I maintain a full time job in events which I simply adore, so this blog is set up very much as a means to explore and celebrate my love of the Tudor dynasty in my spare time.


Please join me in opening up The Tudor Chest - I only hope you like what's inside!

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