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The Tudor Monarchs

Despite the Tudors being one of our most famous royal houses, they only reigned for 118 years, during which time six people were proclaimed as either the King or Queen, although only five were formally crowned as Monarch. By comparison, the less well known (but every bit as fascinating) House of Plantagenet which ruled before the Tudors were the royal house for 331 years, providing England with 14 Kings during that time.

The six Tudor monarchs and the years of their reigns were:

         King Henry VII - 1485 - 1509              King Henry VIII - 1509 - 1547               King Edward VI - 1547 - 1553

Three Kings.JPG

        Lady Jane Grey - 1553 - 1553                   Queen Mary I - 1553 - 1558            Queen Elizabeth I - 1558 - 1603

Three Queens.JPG

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